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9:30 AM - 6 PM

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Mall Upcoming Events

Check out the upcoming events and happenings at Kingsway - from fashion-focused fun to community gatherings.

Rule the Runway


RULE THE RUNWAY is a fashion show with a big heart. All of the funds raised by this event go directly to support the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation to provide full-day Kindergarten to schools in high-risk areas.

Sixteen teams of high school fashion students have the opportunity to showcase their talents and design skills. This event promotes student engagement, teamwork, and creativity. It offers them the opportunity to learn about achieving goals in a fast-paced environment by developing their skills in collaboration and professionalism.

For tickets please contact Read Fenton, Communications Consultant, Edmonton Public Schools Foundation at (780) 970-5237 or by email at

If you or your organization would like to contribute to the event as a sponsor please contact Bo Tarasenko at (780) 378-6304 or by email at 



-This is the seventh year of the event

-The event has raised over $130K for EPSF over the past six years

-All attendees are eligible to win fabulous prizes

-One student designer will receive a $5K scholarship to the MC College Fashion Design program to pursue their dream career in fashion