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-  Experiments are meant to be independently run at the Science Center in a fun and safe envrionment
-  Follow-up crafts and suggested literature selections included

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Science Program Overview

Sample Experiment on Developing Concept of Camouflage

Directions for Camouflage

  View on YouTube Science Experiment

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Cut small squares of colored construction paper (yellow, red and blue one inch squares).  Place these on a large sheet of yellow construction paper, set a timer on for a few seconds.  The object of this experiment is to pick up as many squares as possible within the selected time.  The students will likely choose the colors red and blue because they contrast to the background.  Generally our eyes are drawn to contrasting colors and this is how animals are able to camouflage themselves.  The children will graph their results as to what color was selected the most (the color yellow should have been the least selected).  After, all the graphs would be looked at to determine which color was chosen the most and least.  The concept of camouflage would be introduced at this time.

Sample of Follow-up Activities

Weather Sorting Activity Video

  View on YouTube Weather Sorting Activities


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Within the "Science Focus Curriculum" you will find a variety of sorting activities.  The students would sort the picture cards accordingly. Below are a few samples of these sorting activities. 
Weather Sorting
The weather sorting pictures would be copied and cut.  The students would sort them according to if they represent hot/warm or cool/cold.

Living Non- Living Activity Video

View on YouTube Living and Non-Living Sorting Activity

View on SchoolTube Click Here

Living and Non-Living Sorting
The living and non-living sorting pictures would be copied and cut.  The students would sort them according to if they are living or non-living.

Sample Plan
In conjunction with the Dinosaur and Easter theme, in my classroom we talk about animals that lay and don't lay eggs.  I wanted to share the related lesson plans that I did with my students.  The book Chickens Aren't the Only Ones is an excellent source of information for introducing this topic. The video below retells the story and also provides additional information.

Chicken Aren't The Only Ones Video

As a follow-up activity I have the students sort animals related to the story and we also graph the results as displayed in the photograph.

Outline of the Science for Kindergarten and Preschool Activities and Lesson Plans Related to Theme

Outlined below are the focus science concepts that are developed within the themes offered on the site.

Weather Theme - Focus Concepts
Weather classification and wind

Apples and Plants Theme - Focus Concepts
Plant needs, fruits and seeds

Colors Theme - Focus Concepts
Color mixing and swirling colors

Character Education and About Me Theme - Focus Concepts
Shadows and bubbles

Family and Pets Theme - Focus Concepts
Classification of animals and camouflage

Zoo Theme - Focus Concepts
Vibration, sounds and pitch

Ocean Theme - Focus Concepts
Sinking, floating and water magnification

Space, Robots and Saving the Earth - Focus Concepts
Magnetism and recycling

Transportation Theme - Focus Concepts
Ramps and chutes

Community Helpers Theme - Focus Concepts

Fairy Tales Theme - Focus Concepts
Chemical reactions

Insects/Bugs Theme - Focus Concepts
Classification of Bugs

Dinosaurs Theme

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