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Alphabet Kindergarten and Preschool Program - Meeting the Curriculum

The "Alphabet Program" is a powerful method to teach phonics and early reading skills to young learners. This program was developed in correlation with today's best teaching practices based on a "balanced literacy framework". 

The program time frame is flexible to accomodate your teaching style and ideal timeline. If you followed the program, many of your core curriculum outcomes would be met.  

Continue reading to learn how the program works and what all is included.


How The Program Works

Learn how the "alphabet readers" and other follow-up activities are used to teach the alphabet and other early reading skills by watching the following video!


> View "The Alphabet Program Explained" on YouTube 

Purchasing The Alphabet Program


Interactive Guided Reading Alphabet and Sight Word Readers – What Is Included?
-   Suggested literature selections to use in conjunction with using the readers that can also be used for your Reading Workshop instruction
-  14 alphabet sight word companion emergent readers that are used as follow-up to teach beginning reading skills
-   Color, black/white and booklet versions of the readers

-   Interactive component found within the black and white versions (color, cut and paste or draw) to enhance engagement and comprehension.
-   Color versions of the readers to use for shared reading to project on your whiteboard (no interactive component) to teach beginning reading skills
-   26 alphabet bulletin board picture cards that represent the characters found within the readers and on the animated alphabet video.

-  Alphabet and sight word games to master these beginning reading skills 

-  Phonemic and phonological awareness activities

-  Simple craft and writing activities


>More Information on the Program



>Alphabet Song for Children Animated Video on YouTube

>Alphabet Song for Children Animated Video on SchoolTube


Mini Lesson Plan Sample

Below you will find a mini lesson plan on introducing a new letter sound. The video demonstrates how the plans can be implemented.  

Connection to Literature
Read the book "Hello Robots" by Bob Staake to the children.  Point out the letter "r" and its related sound in relation to the word "robot".

Introducing the Letter "r" Through the Reader "Ronnie Robot"
In the link below you will find a sample alphabet reader that introduces the letter "r" within its story context. The video demonstrates how the reader can be used and follow-up activities that can be incorporated.

>Reader Ronnie Robot No Interactive Component

>Reader Ronnie Robot With Interactive Component

Alphabet Picture Sorting Cards Activity
Follow-up Activities Using Name Alliterations

The reader makes use of alliteration.  This can be followed-up by making class name alliterations.  This a very effective phonemic awareness activity.

For example, if you have the names Tina and Tim in your classroom an alliteration could be:  Tiny Tina tickles tall Tim.


Preschool - Kindergarten Printable Follow-up Activities

Game 1 -  Practicing Recognition of Letter "r" and Corresponding Sound
Make serveral copies of the picture cards in the links below.  These are cut and placed upside down.  This can be played as a partner game or cooperation game.  Each time a player selects a picture card beginning with the letter "r" sound, this is marked off on their tally board (link below).  If this is a cooperation game, the players work together to fill the board.  If this is a more competitive game, the first person to complete their individual tally board is the winner.

>Picture Cards With and Without the Words

>Game Board Tally Sheet

Game 2 - Memory Game
The children sort the pictures according to which ones begin with the letter "r" sound.  After, these would be placed together.  One partner would cover their eyes and the other partner would remove one picture.  The other partner must determine which picture was removed.  Each player would take turns.


Follow-up Pre-Kindergarten Craft Activity

Picture Mnemonic Craft Activity

Follow-up Activity (Pictured on the left)

The follow-up picture menmonic activity would be to paint the letter "r" to resemble a rainbow.  In the "Space Theme" there is a template to make a "robot" to represent the letter and its corresponding sound as displayed in the photograph.

Rolling Dice Phonics Game (Pictured on the right)

I have included a link to a game I use to assist students in developing the skill of hearing initial letter sounds.  I also send this link to my parents in my monthly newsletters so they can play the game at home as well.  

How to Play the Game - Phonemic Awareness

This is a partner game that would need to be monitored by an adult (this is why it is a good game to play at home).   Each student takes a turn rolling a die.  They must say the name of the picture they land on and verbally tell what sound they hear first.

>Rolling Dice Phonics Game

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