Kindergarten-Preschool Center Signs

Outlined below are Preschool and Kindergarten Center suggestions that can be developed.  Click on the links to access signs that can be used for identifying these centers within the classroom.

Center 1- Literacy Center Sign

The activities included in the Literacy Center are used for children to reinforce skills previously taught by the teacher.  The suggestions and activities provided are all meant to help children begin the reading process.  In the link below you will find a web page devoted to establishing effective literacy centers.

Ideas for the Literacy Center

Signs for the Literacy Center

Signs for the ABC or Phonics Center

Literacy Center Sign 1

Literacy Center Sign 2

This signs below can be placed in the reading corner, writing center and listening center.

Reading Sign

Writing Sign

Listening Sign

Center 2 - Math Center Sign

Again, this center would be used for children to be actively engaged in concepts previously introduced.

Note:  Each of the theme units provide lesson plans and templates that can be used for the Math Center.

Math Center Sign

Center 3 - Science Center Sign

Many of the themes outlined on the website lend themselves to allow the children to expand on their science knowledge.  Within these theme units, suggestions are given for activities and experiments that can be included in the Science Cente

Science Center Sign

Center 4 - Social Studies Center

Wiithin the different theme units, activities are included where the children are actively engaged in understanding how their behavior affects others around them and the importance of practicing the positive character virtues.

Social Studies Center Sign

Center 5 - Computer Center

Computer Center Sign

Center 6 - Craft Centers Sign

As a member of the website you will have access to over 150 craft templates related to the theme units.

Crafts Sign

Playdough Sign

Easel Sign

Center 7 - Fine Motor Activities Sign

Big Block Center Sign

Small Blocks Center Sign

Puzzles Center Sign

Sand Center Sign

Center 8 - Imagination Centers

Puppets Center Sign

Housekeeping Center Sign

Dressup Center Sign

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