Preschool Kindergarten Math


Preschool and Kindergarten Math - Meeting the Curriculum Outcomes

The resources provided on the site focus on meeting the curriculum outcomes for kindergarten in the language, as well as, the math areas.  These lesson plans can be easily adjusted for the preschool learner.  If the "Alphabet Program" were followed the majority of the kindergarten curriculum in language arts and math would be met.


Preschool and Kindergarten Math - Learning Numbers Through Music and Visuals

Numbers 1-10 Song and Follow-up Activities

This music video effectively introduces numbers 1-10 through music and visuals.


 Numbers 1-10 Song on YouTube


 Numbers 1-10 Song on SchoolTube

Follow-Up Printable Math Activities
Math Follow-up Activity One
The students will cut and paste the correct picture that is related to the video and the text.

Cut and Paste Correct Picture

Math Follow-up Activity Two
The students will count and color the pictures according to the text.

Count and Color According to Text

Teen Numbers Song and Follow-up Activities

This music video effectively introduces 10-20 through music and visuals.

Teen Numbers Song on YouTube


Teen Numbers Song on SchoolTube

Follow-up Printable Activity
Students complete the ten frames with faces to make the teen number indicated.


Compete the Ten Frames to Make the Teen Number Displayed


Preschool and Kindergarten Math - A Sample Preschool and Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Teddy Bear Mini-Theme - Advanced Preparation

Have the children bring in their favorite teddy bear from home.

Preschool and Kindergarten Math - Outcome for Sorting

Have the children sort the bears using one or more attributes.  These could be size, color, clothes or no clothes.

             Connection to Literature

Read "Teddy Bears' Picnic" by Jimmy Kennedy.  Choose a page with a number of bears.  Have the children estimate how many there might be.  Count the bears to see how close their estimations were.

         Math Worksheets Video Demonstration


Preschool and Kindergarten Math - Outcome for Patterning and Relations

The story below called Teddy Bear Pattern Story can be used to introduce patterning.  The story makes use of word patterning.  The words teddy bear, teddy bear with a repeated word pattern.  Find other stories that follow a repeated word pattern.

Teddy Bear Pattern Emergent Reader Printable Book 

Picture Patterning

The teddy bear templates below can be used to demonstrate how to make a picture pattern.  After, the children can cut the bears and glue them onto a strip of construction paper to make their own teddy bear pattern.  The blank bear templates can be used for the children to develop their own pattern (could be color or a special design that they have created on the bear).  The number cards in the link on this page, could be used to create a number pattern.  The possibilities are endless.  Example:  The pattern in the photograph on the right was created by using the bear number cards.  The pattern being 3, 3, 2 and 3, 3, 2 OR the one below which is upright, upside down, upright, upside down.

Teddy Bear Pictures to Use for Patterning

Blank Bears for Creating Individual Patterns

Patterning Using Gummi Bears

Gummi bears can be purchased and the children can use these to make a pattern. 

Preschool and Kindergarten Math - Outcome for Number Sense

In these activities the children will relate a numeral to its respective quantity and compare quantities using one-to-one correspondence.

The children will place the correct amount of smaller bears (found at the end of the templates) or gummi bears. They could also place the numbers in the correct sequence order.

Bear Number Templates

Number Bear Large Templates - Black and White

Number Bear Large Templates - Color

Number Bear Smaller Templates - Black and White

Number Bear Smaller Templates - Color

Preschool and Kindergarten Math - Preschool and Kindergarten Lesson Plan on Shapes

After discussing characteristics of 2-D shapes, the following activity could be completed.  This project can be completed in a number of ways.  The one in the photograph was completed by coloring parts of the bear and painting the rest.  The shapes were copied on different colors of paper and cut.  These shapes were glued on the dotted shape bear to match.  In the links below you will find the shape bear templates and the shapes that can be glued onto the bear.  Photograph of the project shown below.

Math Bear Shape Crafts

Bear Templates

Circle Shapes

Star Shapes

Square Shapes

Heart Shapes Rectangle Shapes

Triangle Shapes


Bear MeasurementPreschool and Kindergarten Math - Preschool and Kindergarten Lesson Plan on Measurement

The children can sort the bears from the smallest to largest from the links below.  After, they can choose a bear template and guess how many snap cubes tall it is.  After, they would use the snap cubes to find other objects in the room that are the same size as the bear templates.

Bear Measuring Templates - Color

Bear Measuring Templates - Black and White


NEW Math Program Launched!

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Program Curriculum Video


View on SchoolTube Click Here


Preschool-Kindergarten Math - Helping to Meet the CurriculumMath Books

We have developed a new math program which covers the math strands found within the different Kindergarten math curriculums (across the different school jurisdictions).  The video on the left previews a few activities and games found in the "Number Sense" strand.  You will see our continued effort to integrate literacy within all level of the curriculum. 
Note: Numbers to 20 are introduced in the program to address the different school jurisdictions curriculum outcomes. 



+Elaine Engerdahl

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