Preschool and Kindergarten Math Worksheets


As a member of the Kinderplans website you will have access to a full-year of math lesson plan suggestions and the resources to complete them.  If these plans were followed, the majority of the kindergarten math curriculum would be covered. These lesson plans can also be adjusted to meet the needs of preschoolers.  The worksheets below are a small sample of what is offered within the theme units.

Preschool/Kindergarten Worksheets for Identifying Number Sets

Number 1

Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5

Number 6

Number 7 Number 8 Number 9 Number 10

Math Sets Booklet

In the link below you will find all the pages from the above worksheets and a title page to make this into a booklet.

Math Sets Book


Preschool and Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Bug Numbers Counting

The children are to trace over the number and color the correct amount indicated.

Bug Counting 1          

Bug Counting 2          

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Pet Numbers Counting   

Pet Counting 

Preschool/Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Robot Counting

 Robot Counting

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Worksheets


The story below called Teddy Bear Pattern Story can be used to introduce patterning.  The story makes use of word patterning.  The words teddy bear, teddy bear with a repeated word pattern.  Find other stories that follow a repeated word pattern.

Teddy Bear Pattern Emergent Reader Printable Book

Picture Patterning

The teddy bears below can be used to demonstrate how to make a picture pattern.  After, the children can cut the bears and glue them onto a strip of construction paper to make their own teddy bear pattern.

Teddy Bear Pictures to Use for Patterning

Children are to cut and paste the teddy bear that completes the pattern.

Teddy Bear Pattern Worksheet 

Pattern Design Template

In the link below you will find a template that can be used to make a pattern art display.

Pattern Design


Shape Math Worksheets

Circle 1

Follow the Circle Path

Triangle 1

Follow the Triangle Path

Square 1

Follow the Squares Path

Rectangle 1

Follow the Rectangles Path

Find the Circles

Find the Squares

Find the Triangles

Find the Rectangles

Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets - Printing Numerals

In the links below, you will find worksheets for the children to practice their numeral printing. In the printing book the children are to practice printing the numerals and drawing pictures that represent the correct amount.

Printing Book

Printing Numerals 1-5

Printing Numerals 6-10


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