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View Video to Discover Effective Alternative to Using Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets
The video below demonstartes how educational games can be used to support a play-based learning envrionment.  This offers a more engaging learning experience than the use of worksheets.

  To View on YouTube Effective Alternatives to Worksheets

In the links below you will find free printable emergent reader books that can be used for introducing kindergarten and  preschool children to the four seasons.  These are meant to be used as a shared reading experience.  In the member's area you will have access to 100 readers to use to teach beginning reading skills. 


Winter Emergent Reader


View More Winter Related Activities


Spring Emergent Reader


View More Spring Related Activities


Autumn Emergent Reader


View More Autumn Related Activities
      Alphabet Picture Cards

The video below demonstrates how the alphabet picture cards can be used.  In the member's area you will have access to 156 alphabet picture/photographs as shown in the video.

     View on YouTube Effective Alphabet Games- Activities Video

In the chart below you will find alphabet pictures.  The children can sort the picture cards according to if they begin with the same sound or not. 

Alphabet Picture Cards for Sorting

Letter Aa

Letter Bb

Letter Cc

Letter Dd

Letter Ee

Letter Ff

Letter Gg

Letter Hh

Letter Ii

Letter Jj

Letter Kk

Letter Ll Letter Mm Letter Nn Letter Oo

Letter Pp

Letter Qq Letter Rr Letter Ss Letter Tt

Letter Uu

Letter Vv Letter Ww Letter Yy Letter Zz

The children sort according to if the pictures begin with the same sound or not.

Access 156 Photographic Images of All Beginning Letter Sounds

As a member of the website you will be able to access 156 photographic images of all beginning letter sounds of the alphabet.  These images can also be printed off in black and white.  All the picture cards are offered with and without the words printed on them. These are great to use when you require more realistic pictures for phonemic awareness activities, vocabulary development and game applications.

Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets - Learning Games Alternative

Research has shown that worksheets are not the most effective learning method for young children.  An alternative to using worksheets is the use of engaging learning games.  Within each theme unit you will find many interactive games that enhance literacy.

Dot to Dot Alphabet Cards

Alphabet Dot to Dot - Bug Theme

Alphabet Dot to Dot - Dinosaur Theme

Dot to Dot Alphabet - Family and Pets

Dot to Dot Alphabet - Nutrition Theme

Alphabet Dot to Dot - Ocean Theme

Dot to Dot Alphabet - Space and Robots Theme

Dot to Dot Alphabet - Plants

Dot to Dot Alphabet - Transportation Theme

 More Worksheets

In the link below you will find more worksheets:

More Worksheets


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