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#Community Kingsway

Kingsway is proud to bring you COMMUNITY


a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

Community is a revolving showcase of remarkable retailers. It is our way of connecting you to passionate people, new products, and authentic experiences.

Discover the flavours of #CommunityKingsway

Crepe Factory

Let us to introduce our Crepes,Waffles and smoothies. All of our delicious pastries made daily by hand from natural ingredients,full of flavors and love.

We're here to fuel the foodie revolution with a menu that truly satisfies any craving. From speciality smoothies and waffles to sweet or savoury Crepes your daily food fix is here. Our commitment is to bring a new era to the crepe industry.Our aim is to deliver high quality products that looks superb and bring delight to the customers.

Who can resist a dessert crepe with a Big cheesecake slice,strawberry bits and rich caramel sauce in a nice mall like Kingsway where dessert can be slowly savored over good conversations.

Beautiful golden crepes Full of graham cracker crumbs stuffed with Nutella and roasted toasted marshmallows to start your weekend the right way!

Cookie dough

We are The Cookie Dough Stand; a family created, operated, and award winning company that has taken Alberta by storm with our marvelous, tasty edible cookie dough! Our dough is made with love, using heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs so it's safe to eat raw, and is scooped liked ice cream.

We only give the best to our family and so that is what we are doing for yours. Every lick of this company is built, mixed, and created by us. We believe in quality and old fashioned treats, elevated.

Milk Milk Lemonade

Serving you shakes, ‘ice cream’ floats, and lemonade in a fun and unique way. From unicorn hot chocolates, to alien floats, and every mermaid drink in between…we’ve got you covered! Our award winning Mojito Lemonades are not to be missed and while you’re visiting us, try one of our CupCake Shakes!

We’ve taken the ridiculous to the sublime.


For leasing opportunities please contact Lindsay Botha –