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Company Profile was established in 2005 by Elaine Engerdahl (me). I have taught a number of primary grades in my 34 years of teaching, specializing in the area of reading instruction. When I was asked to teach kindergarten many years ago; this proved to be a challenge because there were few resources available.  I realized then that there were expectations to introduce early reading skills. A child entering grade one with this early introduction would experience more academic success in their years ahead. Having taught many grades, including grade one, I had gained an understanding of the reading process and wanted to transfer this knowledge to my kindergarten teaching. I was concerned about the programs that were offered at the kindergarten level. Many of the programs introduced the letters and sounds in isolation of meaning. It was my goal to integrate many skills within the reading content books (emergent readers that are offered on the site). This teaching integration is crucial in achieving the curriculum outcomes and making early reading more meaningful to the students.

The "Alphabet Program" was developed and has evolved over the last few years. It is meant to assist you in making your job easier. Countless hours of work has been put forth in developing the program to make it the most effective and engaging learning experience for the students. For teachers, the main objective was to meet the majority of the curriculum in providing a quality program and save you valuable time. I know if I had this program when I first started teaching kindergarten, it certainly would have saved me countless hours of searching for ideas. If the program and all the supplemental resources are followed; the majority of the kindergarten curriculum would be met in both language arts, math and other areas of the curriculum.  Many school jurisdiction's curriculum guidelines have been researched and I feel confident that many of the objectives will be met when using the program.
I still teach part-time but the site has become a full-time commitment.  It is so rewarding when I receive e-mails how the resources have proved to be valuable in Kindergarten, Preschool, Second Language Learning and Special Education.  New resources are continually being developed or current ones being revised to provide assistance to members and visitors to the site. I am committed to provide the most valuable and quality resources possible.
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